El Wagon has won BEST PIZZA AWARDS & REVIEWS from several local and regional publications as well as International Travel Guides. (The two publications graphics here) Our customers love us as well:

Washington state transplant Peter Zobrist says, “I really like the pizza but Cesar the host is the pearl in this oyster. Nice work all around and it’s true, the beer is really cold.”

Vacation rental home owner Joni Duncan says “Yum – I enjoy the oven fired Vegetarian Pizza with bacon and some good conversation with the always interesting crowd”.

English teacher and stay-at-home mom Caroline Farley Suarez agrees “El Wagon always serves a wonderful meal at a reasonable price. Frequent sloth, monkey and boa sightings are a plus”. Whoa! Did she say boa? Luckily, snake sightings are extremely rare in Manuel Antonio.

Mother of three, with one on the way, Alicia Sisson says, no better place to feed the family and keep the kids happy! The kids have pizza and I enjoy the grilled fish wraps and their delicious smoothies”.

World traveller and self-described “Bon Vivant” Buck Taylor from New York emphatically states, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but El Wagon is the best pizza pie I have had anywhere, hands down!” We have to agree with Buck (he’s a BIG MAN). We think you will agree too, even if Buck’s not around to make sure.

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